Busy Wanderings: My Big British Adventure – Day 9

I checked out from Keble College this morning around 9:30, but since my train didn’t leave until around 2:30, I left my luggage in the Porter’s Lodge and walked to Radcliffe Square, where I had breakfast at the Vaults and Garden in the shadow of the University Church with a view of the Radcliffe Camera.  I sat there and caught up on some writing for another hour or so.  Even though it was windy and cold in the shade, I didn’t want to leave a moment sooner than I had to.  Eventually though, I packed up my things, quickly wandered through the University Church and bought a few more Oxford postcards in its gift shop, and walked back to Keble College to wait for my cab to the station.


At the station, a very nice gentleman helped me get off the wrong train before it left the platform.  I was so worried about missing my train, that part of me was convinced that that one was the right one.  I may get everywhere super early, but I’ve learned that the trains here do not; they run on a tight schedule and have their timing down to a science and I’m slowly learning to trust that.  I caught the right train and took it one station down the line to Didcot Parkway where I changed to my train to Bath.  I got there just after 3 pm and watched the hustle and bustle outside the station for a while before making my way over to the taxi rank.  A very friendly cabbie – with the same question about exactly where I was from and the same awe over the vastness of my state – took me across the River Avon and up the road to my B&B, where I rang the bell and was warmly greeted by a super, super nice woman named Karen.  We chatted for quite awhile after she checked me in and then she carried my purse and carry-on while I lugged PJ up to my attic room.  She offered to help me with PJ, but I seriously would’ve felt horrible if she’d herniated a disc while doing so and I did know ahead of time that I’d be on the top floor, since I booked that single room specifically.  It and its bathroom are small, but adorable and just perfect for one person.  I even have a skylight!


I then ventured down into town, which was about a 10-minute walk down the hill (a hill very much like those on my university campus) and across the Avon.  I had a couple of light nibbles at a restaurant called “Graze” which left me room to try their blackcurrant sorbet…although it ultimately defeated me.  I then wandered my way back up the hill to the B&B and my room where I’ve spent the rest of the evening catching up on some typing, thanks especially to the fantastic wi-fi reception in my room.  Tomorrow, I plan to wander all over Bath and take tea in the Regency Tea Room at the Jane Austen Centre.


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