Busy Wanderings: My Big British Adventure – Day 11

On Day Eleven, I woke up at 6 am so that I’d have plenty of time to shower and pack before heading downstairs for breakfast.  I’m constantly amazed at the size of a full English breakfast, but then, I usually don’t eat breakfast at all.  I stuck to tea, juice, fruit, and toast and then took my time wrangling PJ and the rest of my stuff down the 2.5 flights of stairs.  Even though my room was great and my bed was very comfortable, I didn’t sleep that well the night before and almost fell asleep in the drawing room waiting for my taxi.  He rang the bell at 10 am on the dot and I was at Bath Spa station in only a few minutes, ridiculously early, as usual.  But eventually, I caught my first train of the day which took me the short ways to Bristol Temple Meads station where I changed to my train to York, a journey that was about four hours long.

We pulled into York station right on time at 3:30 where I sat and ate a falafel wrap before catching a cab to my B&B, which is just off Gillygate and a stone’s throw from magnificent York Minster.  After checking in and doing a bit of unpacking, I headed out and wandered around before settling on a restaurant that, while looking like the quintessential English pub, served mostly Mexican food.  The honey-orange chicken fajitas were quite tasty…and they even had a pronunciation key for “fajitas” (fa-hee-tas) on their menu, which struck me as bizarre until I remembered where I am.  And the waitress said that people still pronounce it wrong on a regular basis.


I was shadowed by an American couple today, who got to the station in Bath and proceeded to share each elevator ride and both trains with me before they too got off in York.  And they’re going on to Edinburgh next as well.  And…they’re from Eugene, Oregon, so I guess it really is a small world after all.

It sprinkled a bit as I wandered around before dinner.  More rain is forecasted for tomorrow and while I don’t really mind it, I hope that it isn’t too heavy since I’m hoping to take the train to nearby Selby and wander around, exploring a town that my mum’s ancestors came from.


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