Busy Wanderings: My Big British Adventure – Day 17

Today began like yesterday with a 3:30-ish wake-up call courtesy of what sounded like the same drunken people yelling outside of my flat.  But, it wasn’t all bad, since I decided to take a glance at the tumblr app before rolling over and going back to sleep…and I learned that Phyllis Logan will be at the Downton Abbey New York Times Talk that I’m going to the last evening of my trip.  I simultaneously flailed and felt numb, wasn’t sure whether to laugh or to cry, but in the end, I drifted off back to sleep with a very happy smile on my fangirl face.  Jim Carter and Phyllis Logan.  In the same room.  And me in that room, too.  My favourite two actors talking about my favourite two characters.  Gah!  I’m still in a state of excited, euphoric disbelief…and I’m nervous as hell.

I woke up for the second time around 8 am.  I wasn’t feeling particularly well and I was still pretty tired – I think from the long day before and from the pace of my trip finally starting to catch up with me – so I took my time getting ready since my only plans were to spend my last day in Edinburgh wandering around.  Eventually, I felt and looked like a somewhat normally functioning human being – not a complete zombie – and headed for Edinburgh Castle, which, being basically right outside the front door of my flat, meant climbing many, many stairs.  But, I survived them on Monday and I survived them again today.  I had intended to go inside the castle, but since I had just gone into Stirling Castle the day before, I opted not to after all and decided to save my £16.  So, I wandered around outside the castle, taking more pictures and enjoying the amazing views of Edinburgh, Arthur’s Seat, and the surrounding area.  Then, I decided to head down the Royal Mile, intending to walk all the way to the Palace of Holyroodhouse at the bottom.  On the way, I stopped into St. Giles Cathedral and admired the inside, stopping in its little gift shop before making my way back out.  When I was nearly to the bottom of the Royal Mile, I decided that it was best to turn around and head back since I still really wasn’t feeling well and it’d be a long uphill walk.


 Once I’d made it back up to the top, I decided to stop into the Amber Restaurant for lunch.  It’s the restaurant located in the Scotch Whisky Experience and even though I’d eaten there after arriving in Edinburgh on Monday, the friendly service, great atmosphere, and delicious smoked salmon sandwich deserved an encore.  And I followed it up this time with a slice of their lemon-raspberry-poppyseed sponge cake, which was fantastic.  After lunch, I wandered my way down Johnston Terrace – past the castle – and stopped into the nearest Boots for the strongest non-prescription painkillers I could get before heading back to the flat, where I’ve spent the afternoon and evening writing and doing laundry…which takes forever with a tiny washer/sort-of-dryer.  It wasn’t a particularly eventful day and I would have liked to have spent it seeing more of Edinburgh, but when you don’t feel well, you don’t feel well.  My taxi will be here at 9 am to take me back to Waverley station where I’ll hop a train straight to my next destination: Inverness.


One thought on “Busy Wanderings: My Big British Adventure – Day 17

  1. Hi! Really enjoying your blog! I was in high school with Phyllis Logan so if you see her please say hello to her from one of your followers, Carole! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

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