Busy Wanderings: My Big British Adventure – Day 22

Well, I said that today was going to be a low-key day, one where I just lounged around and recharged my batteries while listening to the rain…and that’s exactly what happened.  At breakfast, I chatted with another guest who is visiting from Sydney, Australia (and I thought I had a long flight).  She’s an avid gardener and is in the UK on what is essentially one long garden tour…and I don’t think she could have picked a more perfect place for it.

After breakfast, it was a shower, followed by lots of reading and a bit of writing with a soundtrack supplied by my musicals playlist as the rain came down outside (it was raining when I woke up and didn’t let up at all until around 6 pm).  Then I went downstairs for a quiet lunch of lentil soup and a chicken sandwich in the dining room (I’m so glad that the hotel serves lunch and dinner in addition to breakfast because I really didn’t feel like venturing out at all today, especially in the dreich weather).  Then it was back upstairs for more reading, writing, musicals, a sort-of nap, and then a few postcards, interspersed with multiple cups of tea.
 Around 7:15, I went downstairs for dinner and while last night I was one of only two occupied tables, tonight the dining room filled up with other guests.  A small salad minimised my guilt over ordering sticky toffee pudding for dessert, my first British pudding of the trip…and much overdue.  Then it was back upstairs to do a bit of packing and type this little thing.  I’m sorry that it isn’t a particularly exciting entry, but I needed today to recharge and I’m determined to jot down every day of this adventure, even the less adventurous ones.  Tomorrow will be an early morning followed by 5 hours and 40 minutes of travel on three different trains.  I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Scotland and all of it’s lovely rain and friendly people, but I am glad that I’ll have a little bit more time in Oxford (one night) before heading back to London for the last UK leg of this journey (there’s one stop between London and California). 


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