Busy Wanderings: My Big British Adventure – Day 23

Today began with a 5 am wake up call, followed by a shower, packing, and a quick bite of breakfast downstairs before checking out and catching a taxi to Paisley Gilmour Street station…in the rain.  After arriving at Glasgow Central, I popped into Boots for a few things and then grabbed a sandwich for later in the day, since I had about five hours of travel ahead of me.  At a quarter to 10am, I headed to Platform One and boarded my train and fifteen minutes later, it pulled out of the station, slowly rolled across the River Clyde, and began to make its way south…in the rain.  


I’d like to mention that Virgin Trains are good for a chuckle; when you lock the toilet door, an anouncement starts that parrots the sign found on the lid…

Although the lack of Oxford comma sort of bothers me… 

Eventually, the train reached Wolverhampton, where I alighted and walked about ten feet to the next platform to wait for the train that would drop me in Oxford on its way to Bournemouth.  It was a rather full train (I’m not sure if that’s normal for early on a Wednesday afternoon or not) so I’m glad that I made a reservation.  Luckily, I managed not to fall asleep and miss Oxford, dragging myself and PJ from the train to the platform around 3:15.  I caught a cab to Keble College and checked in, this time getting a street view room instead of one with a view of the quad, which was perfectly fine since 1) my reservation was at short notice and I was just grateful that they had a room available for tonight and 2) I’m too flipping tired to care.

After unpacking only what I absolutely need to for this short stay, I ventured down Parks Road toward Broad Street, making my way through Radcliffe Square to the High Street, where I stopped into the Oxford University Shop and bought two pretty watercolour/sketch cards of Oxford…and a scarf.  I then wandered in and out of a few shops on Cornmarket Street before stopping in the same restaurant as before…but passing on the habanero salsa this time.  Then, my salad and I walked down Broad Street and back to Keble College.


After a day spent on trains and with only a one-night stay in Oxford this time around, I was looking forward to an early night in of reading and relaxing before my return to London tomorrow.  Even though I was (and still am) exhausted, I was feeling good…until I checked my email and read the message notifying me that the Downton Abbey talk in London – the one with Jim Carter and Phyllis Logan, who I absolutely adore and couldn’t be more excited to see – has been cancelled.  I’ll just say that I’m completely gutted that what was probably my only chance to see them is lost and leave it at that…after I add that I think that my soul is shattered and I just want to curl up in a ball and cry.  After catching up on some writing and FaceTime chatting with home, I think it’s time to go to bed and try to dream happy fangirl dreams. 



2 thoughts on “Busy Wanderings: My Big British Adventure – Day 23

    • I’m still in a funk over it. I was so happy! So excited! Still in euphoric disbelief that I was actually going, that it just happened to perfectly fall on the last night of my vacation and that I’d managed to get a ticket, that I’d actually get to see Phyllis Logan and Jim Carter! And then…bam! What was a once in a lifetime chance…just gone. Dead. I do hope that they’re able to reschedule it, though, so that other fans can enjoy a memorable evening. Perhaps if she comes to the States again on the last press tour, I can manage a ticket to the Q&A (New York’s only 2,800 miles away…)

      That’s so cool that you went to high school with her! If the talk hadn’t been cancelled and if I’d had the chance – and courage – to speak to her, I absolutely would’ve passed on your “hello”.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. Thank you for letting me know (I really appreciate it)! Other than that disappointing bit of devastation, this trip has been wonderful! I’ve seen so many beautiful, amazing places and met some fabulous people!

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