More Busy Wanderings: Another Big British Adventure – Day 3

Day Three began early and after breakfast, I walked to the station and caught a train to Scarborough, my exploration destination of the day. It was rather a full train, being a Saturday, but I did manage to grab a window seat, watching the North Yorkshire countryside go by as I headed toward the coast. After stopping at Costa for a cup of tea and a sandwich to-go, I made my way down quite a hill to the promenade, taking in an amazing panoramic view of Scarborough’s South Bay and the promontory at its northern end which is dominated by the remains of Scarborough Castle (dating from the 12th Century). It was a bit chilly and rather breezy, but the beach and promenade were full of people enjoying the sun. 

 I wandered north along the promenade for awhile, opposite the many arcades, sweet shops, and ice cream parlours, eventually settling on a bench to eat my sandwich and listen to/watch the waves roll in. And to watch all of the dogs out for walks and runs on the beach and promenade (I can’t lie). I enjoyed the fresh air and sun for awhile, but, still jet lagged and not feeling as great as I’d like, I eventually wandered back toward the hilly street that led me down to the waterfront … and spotted the Central Tramway, one of Scarborough’s two functioning funiculars, that has been operating since 1881 (and was well worth the 85p). 

 After snapping a few more photos of the bay and castle from atop the cliff, I made my way back to/through the shopping district, stopping into Marks and Spencer for some veggies – and a scarf – grabbed some things at Boots, and walked back to the station. Judging from the number of reservation slips, the train back looked like it’d be pretty full as well, but since I was getting off at the third stop, I was able to grab another window seat with no problem and enjoy the scenery again. I made my way back to my B&B and have spent the evening typing, reading, and packing, since this is my last night in York and tomorrow brings a journey north to another familiar place.



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