More Busy Wanderings: Another Big British Adventure – Day 7

It’s been one week since I left San Francisco on a 747 and like that very long day, Day Seven was spent travelling (so apologies for it being rather unexciting). I sadly said goodbye to my lovely flat and to Edinburgh today (oh, how I wish I had planned on a longer stay), taking in my final glimpse of the castle from the landing as I headed out to the street to await my taxi to Edinburgh Waverley.



Of course, I got there way too early, so I grabbed a seat in the warm travel centre and listened to the train announcements (I’m not kidding, it’s one of my favourite things about train travel in Scotland) before eventually heading to my train at Platform 15. That particular First Transpennine Express service was heading to Manchester Airport, but I only took it as far as Oxenholme, where I caught my next train to Windermere. There were sheep and ponies sprinkled all along the way, from southern Scotland to the hills of the Lake District.




Keeping with my trend of getting places way too early, I arrived in Windermere an hour before my anticipated arrival time at my B&B, so I sat at the station and enjoyed the breeze and the sunshine as I ate a smoked salmon sandwich. As the next train from Oxenholme arrived, it was finally time to make my way to the taxi rank for the short drive down to my B&B in Bowness-on-Windermere, where I received a wonderfully warm and friendly welcome … and found out that my room had been ready and I could’ve checked in earlier. Even though it was a relatively short travel day, quite a few early mornings and train journeys in the last week have me rather knackered, so I decided on a sandwich from Costa for dinner and an early night (and I really don’t eat that many sandwiches at home, but here, they’re convenient and delicious, so …). I think I’ll sleep in a bit tomorrow and then spend the day wandering around Bowness and Windermere, just enjoying the beauty of the Lake District


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