More Busy Wanderings: Another Big British Adventure – Day 10

Apologies for posting an account of yesterday’s adventures a day late. Yesterday was a long, busy, fun filled day and I just didn’t have the energy to write when I got in last night. So, this means you get a double feature today.

I began Day Ten rather early after little sleep in a very uncomfortable bed. But I was showered, repacked, and downstairs just before 10 am so I could check out and catch a taxi to the hotel I’ll be staying at during the rest of my time in Oxford. My awesome room was ready early, so I was able to check in and drop my stuff with no worries … and I didn’t have to lug PJ up any stairs. So, accommodation anxiety and stress taken care of, I was able to look forward to a day hanging out with a fangirl friend who lives in Oxford (I’ll call her B), who I met up with at the hotel around 11 am. B suggested a number of scenic walking routes, even humouring my love of Inspector Lewis – a British detective series (a spinoff of sorts of Inspector Morse) that takes place in and was frequently filmed in and around Oxford – and offering to trek to the locations of one of my favourite scenes. The choice was clear, so we set off through chilly Oxford, B leading the way down narrow streets and along scenic paths, filling me in on lots of info about various locations along the way (seriously, I had the best walking tour one could have of Oxford). We eventually reached the River Thames and B pointed out the location of another one of my favourite scenes before we crossed to the other side, where we walked along the towpath, passing cyclists, other walkers, and the occasional pup as we made our way south along the river. Eventually, we reached the fangirl pilgrimage site – a stone bridge near Iffley Lock – and B patiently waited while I took loads of pictures.       

We continued across the river, through the quiet residential streets, and to a picturesque church that B was familiar with before deciding to grab a bite to eat at the Prince of Wales pub, continuing to chat about all manner of things and fangirl over Downton Abbey. After lunch, we made our way back across the bridge and along the Thames, eventually reaching the city centre where we said goodbye, planning to meet again a couple of hours for dinner.        

I rested and read for a bit and at 6 pm, I set off down High Street for the twenty minute walk to meet B, crossing the Magdalen Bridge over the River Cherwell on my way. After a lovely evening filled with fun conversation, more fangirling, and great Slovak(ian?) food – a first for me – I walked back to the hotel and went to bed, shoving earplugs in my ears to try to drown out the annoying dance music that was vibrating through the wall from whatever establishment is behind the hotel.


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