More Busy Wanderings: Another Big British Adventure – Day 15

Day Fifteen marks two weeks since I arrived in the UK and it began sound 7 am, since I had intended to take a day trip by train from Paddington. But the weather is supposed to be nicer tomorrow, so I decided to postpone it. It may not actually happen, since the second leg of the trip is replaced by bus starting tomorrow for this Easter weekend, but we’ll see. Anyway, I was out the door just after 9:30 and on my way to Paddington to catch the Circle Line to King’s Cross where I changed to the Northern Line to Archway … finally. My destination was Highgate Cemetery, a place I had planned to visit during my last trip but never made it to, simply running out of time. The cemetery’s website mentioned grabbing a bus from the Archway station to the Waterlow Park stop, but, still a bit nervous about buses (mainly about missing my stop), I opted to walk up Highgate Hill instead. Note to self: next time, take the dang bus. Since I skipped breakfast, I opted to stop into the Costa at the top of the hill before my cemetery visit rather than after, grabbing a bite to eat and a cup of tea in the least crowded Costa I’ve ever been in (it was wonderful). But after an hour, I eventually ventured back out, passing lots of pups and their people in the park (which offers a great view of the London skyline) as I made my way to Highgate Cemetery.    

 After paying my £4, picking up a map, and passing a resident cemetery cat, I wandered down the paths and past a plethora of tombstones toward one of the cemetery’s most popular sites: the tomb of Karl Marx. Today was no exception, as there was a group of people marching in a circle around it, keeping everyone out and chanting something I couldn’t decipher while the cemetery staff stood by, looking rather annoyed. I’m not sure whether they were celebrating or condemning him, but I got bored waiting, so I wandered down another path and continued my exploration.    


But the rain that had started when I entered the cemetery had picked up considerably, so I concluded my visit, walked back through the park, and caught the Tube at Archway, changing to the District Line at Embankment and alighting at Temple so that I could head to Twinings to make a tea run for a friend. Mostly successful in this endeavour, I made my way down the Strand in the rain, stopping at Boots for a couple of things, before passing the Savoy and heading down through the Victoria Embankment Gardens to the Tube, where I caught the Circle Line back to Paddington, picked up a few things from Sainsbury’s, and headed back to my dry flat.


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