More Busy Wanderings: Another Big British Adventure – Day 16

I decided last night not to take that train/bus day trip out of London today, so I slept in a bit this morning, woke up to a sunny sky, and decided I would spend the day wandering around the city, seeing new areas and revisiting old ones. My first destination was Regent’s Park – somewhere I didn’t manage to make it to last time – and once I was ready to face the day, I headed to Paddington and caught the Bakerloo Line to Baker Street. After stopping into one of the four or so Pret a Manger eateries on Baker Street to grab a sort of picnic lunch, I headed north to Regent’s Park … which was swarming with people out enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. I grabbed a bench along the water, eating my lunch as the park’s resident waterfowl swam by and the pigeons swarmed hopefully around any small children with sandwiches.    

 Once lunch was finished, I crossed the bridge and walked further into the park, slowly wandering my way around the boating lake and back to Baker Street, where I headed south through Marylebone to Mayfair, past Grosvenor and Berkeley Squares, eventually reaching Piccadilly, an area I’m somewhat familiar with after my last visit.   

After stopping into Boots (again … I swear I always seem to need something from Boots!), I passed the Ritz and turned south into Green Park which was also teeming with people out enjoying the sunshine and daffodils.  
 I crossed The Mall (sort of passing Buckingham Palace) into St. James’s Park – filled with more people and daffodils, along with some rather friendly and entertaining squirrels – winding my way through the herds crossing the bridge spanning the lake and turning onto Birdcage Walk, slowly making my way past Parliament Square to Westminster Station to catch the Circle Line back to Paddington and the flat. So, not an action packed day, but a nice one with a fair bit of walking … and navigating crowds of people more touristy than myself.



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