More Busy Wanderings: Another Big British Adventure – Day 22

Apologies again for another late post after another busy day, but this will be the last late post in this instalment as I’ve reached the end of this adventure. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has followed along on this journey. 🙂

Day Twenty-Two was the final day of my big adventure and the majority of it was spent travelling. We checked out of the Hyatt Times Square just before 10 am and caught our Uber lift to Newark Liberty International Airport. Mum breezed through security with her TSA Pre-Check and fifteen minutes later, I finally made it through to join her. With a bit of time before our flight started boarding, we grabbed an early lunch before heading to Gate 14. Before too long, our Southwest 737 was full and ready to go and after a short message from our “incredibly handsome captain” (as he began each announcement during the flight), we took to the skies for our roughly five hour flight to Phoenix.   

Other than some turbulence after takeoff and the not unusual jostling on approach to Sky Harbor International, the flight was long but uneventful, made slightly less long with the help of the Beautiful, Finding Neverland, and She Loves Me soundtracks followed by my favourite Inspector Lewis episodes (I already miss Oxford terribly). Our flight arrived early and we had roughly two hours to kill before our final flight home, so we grabbed an early dinner and lounged around the gate area until it was time to board our second Southwest 737 of the day, flying over Lake Tahoe and landing in Sacramento just before the sun set.    

   So, the magic of an adventure is over for now – made even more clear by the fact that there was a jury summons waiting for me when I arrived home – but I’ve brought home some more wonderful memories to look back on while I look forward to the next one. And I did miss my beloved Maggie Dog terribly.


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