Adventures of a Wanderess – Day 4

Distance travelled: 4.5 miles

Following breakfast, I spent the majority of a beautifully grey but often drizzly Day Four wandering through Cambridge. It was a busy Sunday and the streets and shops were teeming with people, but I managed to navigate them and eventually made my way to the River Cam and the Garret Hostel Bridge near Trinity College. I then wandered north and crossed the Cam again on The Avenue, but was unable to go any further without retracing my path out to Trinity Lane/Street and the main entrance of St. John’s College. I paid the £8 admission fee and wound through the chapel and the First and Second Courts until I again reached the river at the Kitchen Bridge and could finally glimpse the goal of my excursion: The Bridge of Sighs.

As they passed under the bridge, I overheard a punting guide tell his passengers that it was a favourite of Queen Victoria, who supposedly said it reminded her of the one in Venice, Italy, although they apparently have very little in common architecturally.

After exiting the college, I crossed the street to the All Saints Garden Art and Craft Market and had a chat with a lovely couple from Kings Lynn. By then, the drizzle had started so I walked south along St. John’s Street/Trinity Street/Kings Parade/Trumpington Street to Silver Street, taking me back to the Cam and a view of the Mathematical Bridge. By then it was drizzly and windy and while I had originally planned to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum, I was a bit done “peopling” so I headed back through town and the market crowds to Boots and then back to my B&B to relax and get some things packed. Tomorrow morning brings an early-ish train as I make my way back to Edinburgh.


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