Adventures of a Wanderess – Day 5

**Since today was spent mostly on trains, there isn’t much of a walked distance to mention, but I did travel roughly 450 miles today, so that seems worth noting**

Day Five began early with last minute packing and a final breakfast at my lovely B&B before catching a taxi to the train station. Being weird (something I do well), I decided to take a train back to London Kings Cross and then a fast train to Edinburgh instead of connecting in Peterborough or somewhere else, my reasoning being that a Sunday train on such a main route would fill its luggage racks quickly and with such a big suitcase and a talent to stress over every little thing, perhaps it’d be best to catch the train at its origin. This worked out well once I got to London and boarded my Edinburgh-bound train, but the train south from Cambridge was absolutely packed – even after joining another four car train at the station – and I used PJ as a seat for the 39 minute journey.

Once the train left London at 10:30, the journey was uneventful and less crowded than I’d expected (although the luggage compartments were still popular). Stopping in York, I caught glimpses of the Minster and River Ouse and it felt a bit strange not alighting there as I have on previous trips. Eventually, the landscape changed to that of the North Sea and green fields dotted with sheep and lambs sloping down from the train tracks to the cliffs towering over the water.

The train pulled into Waverley Station just after 3pm and I caught a taxi to my rented in flat in Old Town Edinburgh (the same gem of a place I was lucky to find last time with Edinburgh Castle looming right outside the windows). The rest of the evening has consisted of popping to Sainsbury’s for a few groceries and doing laundry. There are a couple of possible options for tomorrow, but they’ll depend on the weather and how I feel in the morning; there may be a train journey with some wandering or just some wandering.


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