Adventures of a Wanderess – Day 9

Distance travelled: 2.5 miles
Salmon sandwich trip tally: I’m going to say it’s up to six since I had smoked salmon on toast for breakfast

I wasn’t sure when I went to bed last night what exactly I’d feel up to on Day Nine, but with a good night’s sleep and a dry forecast, I was up earlier than expected and ready to face the world before (my yummy) breakfast. After some morning puppy time, I headed down the hill to the Windermere Lake Cruises piers and bought a Freedom of the Lakes pass which would allow me to take any or all of the lake cruises. Last year, I took one north to Waterhead/Ambleside where I grabbed lunch and wandered around before returning to Bowness. Today I thought I would do both of the other offered cruises and boarded at Pier 1 for the 10:30 trip south to Lakeside, a 90 minute round trip journey. Even though it was chilly out on the water, I was determined to sit up top/outside to see as much as possible, from Belle Isle (Windermere’s largest island) to posh lakeside mansions, from shoreside sheep to snow-dusted mountains.

45 minutes later, the launch docked at Lakeside where quite a lot of people were waiting to board for the return trip to Bowness. Shortly we were under way again, chugging up the lake and into the wind. And what a wind it was. Still determined to complete the entire journey outside, specs and a scarf helped a little, but it reminded me of zipping down a ski run on a very cold day…for 45 minutes straight (I didn’t snap many photos on the return trip because the wind combined with my natural clumsiness and bad luck probably would have resulted in my phone ending up in the lake). 

The launch returned to its pier in Bowness at noon and I had about 45 minutes to kill before the Blue Cruise (the one that tours through Windermere’s islands), so I grabbed a lunch of tea and a Bakewell tart and warmed up a bit in the dockside café until it was time to board. Having only just thawed out, I opted to sit inside during this cruise, enjoying the views without the wind. 

After 45 minutes of winding around the islands, the launch docked back in Bowness and I spent some time wandering around town in the sunshine before heading back up the hill to my B&B, stopping at Costa for a spot of something to takeaway for dinner. 

I’ve had another lovely yet much too brief visit to the Lake District. Tomorrow is a long day of travel on quite a few trains as I make my way south to Bath.

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