Adventures of a Wanderess – Day 10

Salmon sandwich trip tally: 7 (because of breakfast again)

I don’t have much exciting to say regarding Day Ten nor do I have many photos. Today was always going to be a long travel day with four trains between Windermere and my next destination of Bath and train #1 of the day was the 10:56 from Windermere to Preston. After saying goodbye to Jackie and getting goodbye kisses and nibbles from the puppy, it was off to the station and I was soon making my way south. 

However, shortly after changing trains in Preston, a series of incidents caused significant delays along the rail network through the Midlands so it became an even longer day when I missed train #3 in Birmingham and had to catch a later one…which was also delayed, meaning my fourth train of the day from Bristol Temple Meads to Bath Spa was later still. And being a Friday, the trains and stations were quite busy (PJ and I shared my leg room from Birmingham to Bristol). But eventually, I made it to Bath, checked into my B&B a stone’s throw from Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths, found some dinner (please don’t judge me if I say it was takeaway from Costa again because I was too knackered to bother with anything else), and spent the rest of the evening settling in. 

I was just as sad as last time to say goodbye to the Lake District and my amazing B&B and I find I’m missing it, but I know there are many things to explore in Bath that I didn’t get to see on my first visit here. And C is meeting me for the day tomorrow so I know it’ll be a fun day.


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