Adventures of a Wanderess – Day 11

Distance travelled: 6.8 miles
Salmon sandwich trip tally: 9

Day Eleven began around 7am, giving me time to unzombie-fy myself before breakfast at 9. Afterward, I chilled in my room for awhile before heading out to stroll around Bath a bit before it was time to head to the station to meet C’s 1:26 train. I wandered through the Parade Gardens and then made my way along the River Avon, past Pulteney Weir, and up to and across picturesque Pulteney Bridge, popping into a few of its quaint little shops. I then headed back down along the other side of the river, crossed it again, and meandered along various other streets before heading to the station.

Since it was lunchtime, we hit the pub across the square from my B&B, managing to snag a table on the patio (so that our meals could be enhanced by secondhand smoke). We caught up, filling each other in on our respective trips, and then decided to visit the Roman Baths which – unlike on the cloudy Thursday when I first visited – were swarming with people on this sunny Saturday (as all of Bath was). 

After the Baths, we retraced my trek from earlier over Pulteney Bridge and back and with time to kill before our dinner reservation, wandered up to the Circus and over to the Royal Crescent, two well known examples of Georgian architecture (the dominant style in Bath). 

After a yummy meal at Bill’s, we headed back to the station so C could catch her train back to London (she flies back to the States tomorrow) and I eventually made my way back to my B&B for the night.

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