Adventures of a Wanderess – Day 12

Salmon sandwich trip tally: 10

When I originally planned my trip, Day Twelve was included as a second full day in Bath to allow myself more time to explore the city, since I had only given myself one full day on my first trip and it was a mistake I didn’t want to repeat. However, last month I learned that the next in a series of talks led by the wonderful Jim Carter to benefit The Tricycle Theatre on Kilburn High Street in the London Borough of Brent had been rescheduled and would coincide with my trip (this particular talk would feature Jim discussing the works of Danny Boyle with the gentleman himself). While it meant a train ride into London, it was too good an opportunity for this fangirl to pass up, so I sacrificed my second full day in Bath. 

I caught the 1:18 which got me into London’s Paddington Station just after 3pm, where I grabbed a bite of late lunch and then caught the Bakerloo and Jubilee Lines to Kilburn Station and wandered down the high street to the theatre, getting there with plenty of time to spare (big surprise). I think the majority of tonight’s proceeds will help support the theatre’s community arts/outreach programmes so as a theatre-lover and avid supporter at home, it’s a cause dear to my heart.

The talk with Danny Boyle lasted a little over an hour with questions from Jim followed by more from the audience. The talk was followed by a screening of Slumdog Millionaire and the last bit of business before a quick intermission was an auction to benefit the theatre, the prize being a bag of treasures signed by various epitomes of greatness who are working to support the Tricycle (Dames Judie Dench and Maggie Smith, Jim Carter, Imelda Staunton, Emma Thompson, etc). Let’s just say I couldn’t resist and am heading back to Bath with another bag and that fluffy feeling of helping something amazing keep on being amazing. After the auction, I got to chat with Jim, who recognised me from the Downton Abbey Special Olympics charity evening that a friend and I attended in late 2015 that featured dinner with the man himself. 

After talking with a few of the wonderful people who help make the Tricycle possible, I bid them and Jim farewell and headed back to the Tube, having decided it would be best to pass on the screening due to the long train ride ahead of me and paranoia about somehow missing the last train back to Bath. I got back to Paddington with a little bit of time to kill before the next train, just enough to grab a bite to have for a late dinner when I get back to my B&B, which should be in about 45 minutes, since the train is due to get in in just over half an hour. Tomorrow, I say goodbye to Bath and head to lovely, beloved Oxford.


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