Adventures of a Wanderess – Day 13

Distance travelled: 3.25 miles
Salmon sandwich trip tally: 11

Day Thirteen was the day I said a fond farewell to Bath and returned to lovely, beloved Oxford. Showered and packed up before breakfast, I lounged around and read and then left PJ at the B&B while I wandered out to see a bit more of Bath since I had plenty of time before my 1:43 train. My first stop was to browse the Roman Baths shop, since it was swarming with people during our visit the other day. After buying a single postcard, I headed to Bath Abbey since I hadn’t visited it before and spent about half an hour there before walking back to the Parade Gardens, empty of almost everyone except the gardeners and four ducks (probably the same four ducks from the other day). I then strolled back to and across Pulteney Bridge and along the opposite side of the river and slowly made my way back to the B&B, stopping at the sweet shop around the corner for some sherbet lemons. 

I collected PJ and rolled her to the train station (a very short walk and easier than a cab with the way Bath’s streets are set up), getting there with still more time to kill before my train so I found a bench and a cup of tea. Eventually, I caught the 1:43 to Paddington, changing at Didcot Parkway for Oxford and arriving in the City of Dreaming Spires just after 3pm. After catching a taxi to my hotel and checking in, I set out on a short walk down the High Street to Cornmarket Street in search of a late lunch/early dinner, stopping at Boots on the way. After procuring nibbles (not Costa this time), I wandered along Broad Street and through Radcliffe Square on my way back to the hotel (where I’m now trying to tune out the annoying giggling from the restaurant patio below my window with my musicals playlist – your giggling is no match for Julie Andrews, yo).

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