Adventures of a Wanderess – Day 16

Salmon sandwich trip tally: 14

Day Sixteen saw my last morning in Oxford and it never gets any easier to pack up and leave the City of Dreaming Spires. Showered and packed up just after 10 am, I checked out of the hotel and headed across High Street for a final breakfast at the Vaults and Gardens, enjoying the view of the Radcliffe Camera for the last time this trip. 

Between toast and tea, I wrote a couple of postcards and did some typing until I had to tear myself away, stopping at the post box on the way to the hotel to pick up PJ and hop my taxi to the train station. I caught the 12:31 and arrived into London Paddington just before 1:30, giving me time to enjoy another cup of tea – while watching/listening to the mariachi band – before walking the short distance to my flat, a perfect home away from home that I found on my first trip. I’ve spent the afternoon doing laundry and unpacking (since I’ll be here six nights) and in about two hours, I’ll head back to Paddington to catch the Tube to the Harold Pinter theatre to see the amazing Imelda Staunton in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? I expect the performance will crush my heart and destroy my feels…
*Post-WAOVW Update*

I really can’t even word right now. Partly because I’m physically exhausted but mostly because my feels and psyche have been destroyed by this evening’s amazing performance. The whole cast was brilliant – particularly Conleth Hill – but Imelda Staunton was…typically perfect in every way, delivering a powerful, emotional, just…everything shattering performance. It is not a happy, feel-good play by any stretch and it assaults the audience with some really heavy stuff, but if you have an opportunity to see it, I very highly recommend it. And then I recommend cuddling a boatload of puppies or bunnies (since I currently have access to neither, filling the flat with happy musical soundtracks will have to do while the washer finishes this load of clothes).


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