Adventures of a Wanderess – Day 19

Distance travelled: 4.3 miles
Salmon sandwich trip tally: 16

I decided last night that I would spend Day Nineteen at Hampton Court Palace. I headed to Paddington around 10:30am and caught the District Line to Wimbledon where I then caught the train to Hampton Court. I spent a couple of hours wandering around, dodging strollers and selfie sticks, but stuck mostly to the gardens where there were fewer people (because I just didn’t feel up to “peopling” that much today). 

Walking along the canals in the Great Fountain Garden, I stopped to watch a heron and was surprised when two rather large koi swam by (somehow, I don’t think they were on its lunch menu). 

A little further along, I found myself being followed by a couple of ducks (I told them I had no duck snacks, but…) and near the bridge at the far end of the North Canal, I encountered a mum on a Sunday outing with her six ducklings, six waddling fluffy balls of adorableness. 

After watching them for quite awhile (Mum didn’t seem to mind), I decided to slowly make my way back through the palace to the train station, stopping to browse in the palace shops along the way. Two trains later, I was back at Paddington where I grabbed something for dinner and headed back to the flat. I’m going to try to get an earlier start tomorrow and hope to spend the morning/early afternoon exploring Camden Market.


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