Adventures of a Wanderess – Day 20

Distance travelled: 5.4 miles
Salmon sandwich trip tally: 16

I managed to stick to my plan to make an earlier start to Day Twenty and was on my way to Paddington by 10am to catch the Hammersmith and City Line to King’s Cross and then the Northern Line to Camden Town. A short walk from the station found me at Camden Market (an adventure inspired by C’s visits there during her trip) where I wandered and wandered, somewhat overwhelmed by its size and the number of stalls and shops. Eventually, I found the shop I was specifically looking for, one that specialises in vintage eyewear. Still coming to terms with the fact that I need specs (six months in and I haven’t quite accepted it yet), I thought perhaps I could find something fun and different, but just fun and different enough that I would actually have the confidence to wear in public when necessary. If the size of the market was overwhelming, it was nothing compared to the number of frames and the variety of styles featured in that shop. I wandered around for a little while on my own, amazed just by the number of cat eye frames – let alone all of the others – before a very nice chap helped me to pick out a pair (not cat eye but rather fun). As I’m heading home in a few days, I bought them without lenses and will take them in to have prescription ones put in when I get back.

I wandered through the market for awhile longer and after grabbing a bite – or two – to eat from the limitless options of food vendors, decided to make my way back to Paddington for a bit before it was time to head out to meet another friend for dinner. She’d made reservations at Rules in Covent Garden, considered London’s oldest restaurant and where parts of Downton Abbey were filmed. Catching up over delicious food was the perfect way to end the day, although it went by much too quickly.


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