Another British Ramble – Days Nine and Ten

Distance Walked: 4 Miles

Salmon Sandwich Tally: 7

Writing Soundtrack: Marvellous Musicals Playlist

*** All photos are property of yours truly – Please don’t use them ***

Day Nine was mostly a pack-travel-unpack day, but I did finish it up with The Moderate Soprano at The Duke of York’s Theatre. Starring Roger Allam and Nancy Carroll, it focuses on John Christie – the founder of the Glyndebourne Opera – and his wife, Audrey Mildmay. The cast also featured Anthony Calf, Paul Jesson, and Jacob Fortune-Lloyd and the production was absolutely fabulous.

I spent most of my time out on Day Ten at the Victoria and Albert Museum, a place I’d never visited before and always wanted to. I realised as soon as I walked in the door that the volume of content would completely overwhelm me, so I decided to focus mostly on one of the museum’s current exhibitions, Ocean Liners: Speed and Style. The exhibition extensively covered the history of transatlantic liners – even their use during the wars – and everything from engineering to decor to onboard food and fashion. It was rather fascinating and well worth the £20 ticket. As with most museums, the V&A is free, but the featured exhibitions require tickets (although they’re free to museum members); the standard £5 donation request applies and for those short on cash, they even have a terminal where you can donate £5 with a contactless payment method (I used ApplePay). I also spent a bit of time in the Britain 1500-1760 section.

The Garden Café features a variety of delicious dining options (I can absolutely recommend the Mediterranean wrap) and the selection of offerings at the museum’s stores is extensive. And the museum is connected to the South Kensington Tube station by a subway tunnel, the convenience of which was much appreciated when I left and the rain had resumed.


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