Hiya. I’m Brenna. I’m a dreamer. I’m a dork. I’m quirky. I’m passionate. I’m spontaneous. I’m weird. I read too much (if that’s even possible). I’m a world-traveler yet my passport is stamp-less (ta, Google camera car). I’m obsessed with Britishness. I love the rain. I drink too much tea. I’m a hopeful romantic. I worry too much. Musical theatre nourishes my soul. I need constant reminding that Downton Abbey is fictional. I long for adventure but I’m afraid to go out and search for it. I buy too many books. I’m completely certain that I’m indecisive. My dog is my co-pilot. I’m much too emotionally invested in the romances of fictional characters. I use random Welsh words. I struggle with OCD. I store random trivia and useless facts. I randomly listen to Christmas songs throughout the year. I’m paralyzingly afraid of failure. I study maps. I spell things in British English. I read too many British texts. I watch too many British shows. I listen to too much British music. I think of too many British things. I long to meet too many British people. I utter too much British slang. I’m terrified of spiders…and children. I want to learn to waltz. I’ll never be too old for Disney. I miss the confidence I had at university. I’m fascinated with aviation (its so-called Golden Age and its catastrophic disasters) but I’m afraid to fly. I’m a Mac. I don’t want to grow up…

This will be an experiment and an adventure…


2 thoughts on “About…

  1. Brenna, thank you for this wonderful introduction to yourself. I like you already, agree with you on many things, and I’ll be back to see how this adventure goes. 🙂

    • Thanks, Gracie! That’s jolly nice of you to say! I am totally loving your artwork, particularly “Dreaming Up Darcy”. But your work is brilliant and stunning! Best of luck with your Etsy shop! I’m excited! 😊

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