Another British Ramble – Day 5

Distance Walked: 3.5 Miles

Salmon Sandwich Tally: 4

Writing Soundtrack: Marvellous Musicals Playlist

*** All photos are the property of yours truly – Please don’t use them ***

I spent the first bit of my final full day in Edinburgh (and Scotland) at the Scottish National Gallery on The Mound, something I’ve passed numerous times but never visited. Its collection of art is beautiful and spans several centuries and its outside architecture and location are picturesque as can be, perched between Princes Street Gardens and Waverley Station. And like so many great museums in the UK, admission is free, although a £5 donation is encouraged and a small price to pay. Since I’m odd and love listening to the train announcements at Waverley, I headed there next since I’m flying out of Edinburgh tomorrow and it seemed weird to visit Edinburgh and not hear the announcements.

I finished the day relaxing at a cat café just down the street from my flat that I’ve passed each day I’ve been here. I’m not really a cat person and am missing my dog terribly, but it seemed like a nice way to end the day.

I can’t say that I didn’t do everything I’d planned to Edinburgh, but I know I’ve packed more into my days here during past trips. However, I’m usually here when there are fewer people and after my body clock has had some time to adjust. But hopefully, I can make my way back before too-too long.


Adventures of a Wanderess – Day 7

Distance travelled: 5.5 miles
Salmon sandwich trip tally: 4

**Quickly, I’d just like to take a moment to sincerely thank everyone who’s reading about my adventures. I truly appreciate it, so very much.**

Day Six got off to a rather late start, but I did manage to get out and wander around on my last full day in Edinburgh. I woke up before my alarm at 6:30 am, still not feeling very well, and noticed that it was snowing outside, Edinburgh Castle just visible through the swirling flakes. The weather app predicted it would start to taper off late morning, so I went back to bed with the intention of sleeping until I felt like getting up, not sure if I would actually feel up to leaving the flat at all. But by later, I was feeling better and the sun was shining so I headed out around 1 pm, destined for Dean Village and the Water of Leith, a beautiful, picturesque area and former milling village in a river gorge just northwest of Edinburgh’s City Centre and reachable by a mostly-flat 20-minute walk. Halfway there, the sun disappeared and it began raining, but by the time I’d reached the village and turned on Miller Row to walk along the water, it had let up for the most part. 

I wandered along the river for a ways, walking under the Queensferry Road bridge and passing people and pups out enjoying the area before I turned around and crossed the river to wander along it via the Water of Leith Walkway (although I wish I’d felt up to walking further). 

Eventually I decided to head back toward New Town and shortly into my return trek, it began snowing again. Wind blown and cold, but dryer than I would have been had I not had my umbrella, I stopped into Boots and the post office on Princes Street, the sun once again shining as I made my way through Princes Street Gardens (past the Scott Monument that I decided not to climb this time) and around Edinburgh Castle back to my Old Town flat. 

As lovely as my flat is (and it truly is), I’m glad I was able to get out and see a bit more of Edinburgh which I’m always sad to leave. A last bit of laundry and packing await tonight and then I bid Edinburgh and Scotland a fond farewell tomorrow and head to the Lake District.